Markestic Monthly

March 2022 

While the world has been turned upside down for some time, one thing remains the same: the digital world is seeing innovations and e-commerce players have the opportunity to try out new tools and features to boost their business. Stay up to date with the latest digital trends!

Every news starts with a short summary with the key points, however, if you are willing to dive deeper into a certain topic, you can always find an additional link for further reference.

Facebook Reels rolls out worldwide along with new creative tools and ads


Instagram had its Reels feature for quite a while now, but Meta released this feature for Facebook as well. This is of course done to combat TikTok’s fast growth. This format was available in the U.S. first and now it is accessible in more than 130 countries globally. Ads between Reels will be available in a few months, they will be full-screen immersive ads, just like in the case of TikTok.

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What’s A Good Google Ads CTR/CPC/CPA In 2022?

Search Engine Journal

A question that bothers all advertisers in the digital space. What are the best numbers I can squeeze out of my budget? Now you have the answer. Here are the benchmarks for 20 industries for CTR, CPC, CVR and CPA.

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Google Rolls Out Short Titles For Product Ads

Search Engine Journal

A new feature is always interesting. Now Google brought us something new with Merchant Center enabling Short Titles. What are short titles? It is a brief and concise identification of your product. Learn more about the best practices, how it differs from regular product titles and more.

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Google Ads Announces Top 3 Priorities for 2022


Search Engine Journal

Due to constant changes in the advertising industry, there are things we need to know more about all the time. How much time can we save? How can we accurately measure our audiences? How do privacy settings affect my business? Google has you covered in these areas.

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Performance Max campaigns are the new big thing for Google ads

Store Growers

Why should you care about PMax campaigns? Google announced them in November 2021 and they are going to replace Smart Shopping in September 2022. With them, you can show your ads everywhere, where Google ads can appear. They offer a very quick setup and they are very easy to manage. With it, you can appear in Shopping, Display, YouTube, and Gmail. They do offer some advantages, which you should be aware of. On the other hand, they are a big black box with almost no insight and they tend to cannibalize other types of campaigns.

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How to Create Facebook Ad Campaigns With ODAX

Social Media Examiner

Meta announced Outcome-Driven Ad Experiences with a fully-fledged release in June 2022. This simplifies the campaign setup, improves ad campaign results, streamlines cross-channel campaigns. If you are advertising on Facebook you want to know more about the outcome-driven objectives for sure.

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16 ad examples for Facebook

Word Stream

If you are looking for new and fun ideas for your Facebook ads, that work well, here are 16 ideas for you to ponder upon. You will surely find the right one for your type of content and your target audience.

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3 changes coming to Google Ads automated extensions

Search Engine Land

There are things always changing up in the advertising space. Extensions are not an exception. We know that extensions usually improve your ad performances and now you’ll know what to do to make your extensions work together in the best possible way.

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The infinite loop: TikTok’s unique retail path to purchase

Tik Tok

We all know how TikTok can pull people in for hours on end. But this platform can be used the same way when selling something. TikTok has an algorithm that shows people what they want to see. This brings them into a funnel that just repeats itself over and over again. This improves brand loyalty, repeated purchases and greater spending.

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Google Ads Has A New Way To Measure Offline Leads

Search Engine Journal

If your business is relying on leads, then enhanced conversions lead might be very important to you. This way Google can store your converters’ data even if the actual conversion happens offline. Making it much easier to remarket the audience.

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