Markestic Monthly

April 2022 

We are in the middle of spring officially and in the middle of a lot of news and changes. Check out the latest news in the world of digital marketing.

Every news starts with a short summary with the key points, however, if you are willing to dive deeper into a certain topic, you can always find an additional link for further reference.

Search Engine journal

The new Google Editor has been released and with it some new features. Now you can manage Performance Max campaigns straight in the application. Some other honourable mentions in the latest update are: conversion actions organization, campaign-level overviews, combined segments support, asset reporting and custom action trigger support.

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Search Engine Journal

Pinterest holds an annual release event where they announce the latest and greatest additions to their platform. This year they announced some very interesting shopping-related features which will make the platform even more appealing to those wanting to sell stuff. Pinterest was already one of the best shopping focused platforms and now they implemented a fully-fledged webshop for US Shopify merchants. This feature will go global in the future and you should be using it as well.

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There are many things to come in 2022 Google updates are some of them. This article collected 8 things every marketer should know in 2022. These are: privacy updates, changes to keyword modifiers, bidding changes, Google trends, holiday updates, changes in destination requirements and lastly (for now) updates to the Google Ads app.

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Business Pinterest

Due to constant changes in the advertising industry, there are things we need to know more about all the time. How much time can we save? How can we accurately measure our audiences? How do privacy settings affect my business? Google has you covered in these areas.

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Facebook News

Meta is trying to enhance their targeting systems to the max. Now they released Advantage and Advantage+ items to their products. This means higher levels of accuracy and better overall results for the users. This means better optimisations, better personalizations and better efficiency.

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About Facebook

Now creators can make money from the monetized short videos created on Facebook. On these videos, advertisers can place different kinds of ads that will pay the creators. This is mainly to combat the rising popularity of TikTok.

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Google Support

With Google Ads Editor 2.0 there are more changes coming besides the aforementioned new features. Some features are simply not going to live to see another day, after June 30, 2022. They will still work, but expanded text ads can no longer be created afterwards.

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Seround Table

Another new Google feature is new ad extensions for search ads. Now you can add “Contact”, “Buy now” buttons and more to your search ads as extensions. These are separated from the regular Sitelink Extensions we all know well.

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Tom Waddington

Now business owners can respond to reviews left on their business on Google sites making interaction with satisfied customers or unsatisfied customers much easier while building an engaging community as well.

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Google Ads&Commerce Blog

Google is making it easier to acquire new gamers. With more people playing games on their mobile devices than ever before, developers have a huge opportunity to grow their gaming business. With App campaigns for pre-registration, you can attract players and build excitement for your game early.

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